An Award Winning All-Ages, Action-Adventure Comic Book
Legend of the Golden Turtle - Talbot Toluca
Sweet Stuff Overload - Talbot Toluca
Legend of the Golden Turtle - Talbot Toluca
Talbot Toluca MoonBeam Award Winner 2014

Join Talbot and Damien for an adventure across time and space in this interactivegraphic book featuring hidden-object games & puzzles!

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Talbot and Damien, interstellar friends
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The Secret Lab

Jolly good! I'm so glad you could join me. I am Joe-Bot and I was invented by Professor Bozwald to help around the underground laboratory.

A while back, Talbot and his friends discovered the lab, which was hidden right under the school. This caused a series of troubling events, and awoke all the old experiments that lay dormant for many years.

Now, Talbot and his friends help the professor and me when needed.

The Tall Tales of Talbot Toluca is not your typical comic book. It combines the exciting visual storytelling of comics with interactive content inspired by the likes of Where’s Waldo and Professor Layton.

In this adventure, Dr. Kadoom zaps Professor Bozwald, teleporting his atomic particles throughout time and space. With my help, Talbot and Damien must travel to new worlds to gather the atoms and bring back the professor!

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He's short, sorta wacky and loves science. His grandfather mysteriously disappeared, and he's been having weird dreams ever since. Everything made sense after he stumbled upon the secret lab. Talbot's favorite show is Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.


He is a former member of the “Goth Kids Club.” Damien loves rock music by day and slow dance by night. The other kids were scared for awhile because he always wore black clothing and make-up. But everything turned for the better after that “incident” a year ago.


Model #JR-808 was created as a maintenance and defense system for the lab. There used to be a bunch of Joe-Bots until the military downsized and now he's the only one left. He spends his time chasing down rats and cleaning cobwebs... when there's no trouble around.

Professor Boz

Professor Bozwald Von-Smith Albertsons, III is one of the last remaining scientists in the field of Trans-Dimensional Paranormal Studies. He founded the short-lived Origin Project which explored alternate worlds and realities. After the shutdown of the secret lab, he was left in charge to make sure that no one finds out about it.

Dr. Kadoom

Doctor Kincaid E. Kadoom was a field scientist for the Origin Project. During the final away mission to the Sedna dimension, he did not return.

He was considered missing-in-action and all rescue attempts were aborted. No one knows what he has been up to since that time.

Kadoom Bots

Heavy-duty automatons built by Dr. Kadoom for a single purpose – to help exact his revenge over his predecessors who abandoned him.




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All-around artist and troublemaker, Ken Lamug had the super awesome idea of creating an interactive comic. Combining elbow grease, a captive narrative, hidden objects and puzzle games, the "The Tall Tales of Talbot Toluca" series was born.

His most recent children's picture book, A Box Story (2012) (Amazon), has received positive press reviews and has won awards including the 2012 Moonbeam Children's Book Award, the 2012 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, the Literary Classics Best Picture Book Award, and was a National Indie Excellence Award Finalist.

In 2013, he was also part of a collaborative comic book, The Tales from Lost Vegas. Ken is also a proud contributor for the online children's macabre/horror magazine, Underneath the Juniper Tree and was published as part of HitRecord's Tiny Stories 3 (Amazon) book.

Watch a recent video podcast interview Ken was featured on with a bunch of crazy people from The Beige Planet Podcast, here.


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